I am an economist & a tech entrepreneur and live in Vancouver, Canada.  I have worked with few technology startups in various capacities (Adviser, Director).

I have built a technology framework based on quantification of all aspects of life and workplace. This combined with a constructed knowledge database and AI-driven guidance engine can generate activity road-map for a given objective.



I also manage a program (joint with GDN) of European Investment Bank‘s Impact Finance. It involves studying a diverse range on investments (direct, fund of funds, guarantees) to get additional insights to complement EIB’s monitoring and evaluation.

Prior to that, I was a Financial Advisor to House of Commons (Parliament Budget Office), Ottawa.

I was Chief Economist at Empirical Foresights where I worked on wide range of research issues with special focus on forecasting and prediction. Some of my projects involved: Investments & Productivity. Outcome Measurement. Strategic Policies. Information Retrieval from Markets Data. Valuations. Behavioural Mechanism Design.

I worked at OECD, Paris at Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry on various topics related to innovation and its impact on industrial performance.

Prior to moving to Paris, I worked on measuring R&D and innovation activities and doing cost-benefit analysis. I also did research on national innovation policies and how to achieve macroeconomic comparative and competitive advantages.

I was as an Economist at The Conference Board, New York. My work involved projects on international productivity analysis, technological change, innovation and measurement of intangible capital. I also did research on the Indian economy and other emerging markets.

Before moving to economics, I worked in software consulting industry for 4 years in Mumbai, Bangalore and San Francisco Bay Area.

I have a PhD in Economics from University of British Columbia and a B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. I also have Executive Program certificates from Harvard University (Kennedy School) and Columbia University (Business School).